What Cash Out Means in Betting

What Does Cash Out Mean In Betting

If you’re new to the exciting world of sports betting, it’s time you got familiar with the increasingly popular option of cashing out your bet. What does cash out in betting mean and what benefits can it bring you? Those who’d like to know the answer to this question have come to the right place.

Cash out is an attractive feature of online bookmakers that allows you to cash out your money before the game ends. It’s a hit among both seasoned punters and newbies, allowing them to maximise their winnings and salvage potential losses. To use cash out smartly and efficiently, make sure to dive into this article and follow our informed advice.

What is Cash Out in Betting?

Cash out is an option to settle your wager before the sporting event has ended. It’s calculated based on the odds at the moment of cash out, so your total winnings might be higher or lower than expected, depending on how accurate your prediction was.

If your predictions come true at an early stage, with the highest odds, you don’t have to bite your nails for the rest of the match in fear of a sudden change. You can simply lock down your winnings by requesting a cash out. Also, if you’re convinced that your bet is hopeless, you can cash out before the final whistle to save a certain part of your wager.

How Does Cash Out Work?

If your bookie supports cash out, this option will be offered once the game goes live. Just check your list of bets and look for the cash out button. If you check our site further, you’ll find out that betting sites that cash out tend to offer several cash out variations, from full cash out to partial cash out, but the updated odds at the chosen moment of cash out are the cornerstone of this popular feature. Bear in mind that cash out is viable only for bets made with real money – if you wager with bonuses or promotions, your bet won’t be eligible for this feature.

Cash Out Types in Betting

When opting for cash out, there are several versions you can choose from, depending on your favourite betting site. The most common option people usually refer to when talking about cash out is full cash out. However, seasoned players with elaborate strategies can try out their luck with other variations. Here’s what our fellow punters can choose from:

  • Partial Cash Out
  • Auto Cash Out
  • Full Cash Out
  • Accumulator Cash Out

How Does Partial Cash Out Work?

What is partial cash out and when to use it? This feature allows you to withdraw a part of your initial wager while the event is ongoing. The remaining part of your stake will still be wagered against the pre-match odds. We recommend using this feature if there’s a more promising event which you’re eager to bet on – instead of playing with new funds, you can wager the amount cashed out.

How Does Auto Cash Out Work?

What is auto cash out and how to activate it? This new betting feature doesn’t require your activity during the game. Before the match starts, you set your desired cash out amount on the betting website or in the app. If that amount is attainable at any time during the event, the system will cash out automatically.

How Does Full Cash Out Work?

Full cash out is the classic option that most betting sites offer. As the sporting event unfolds in real-time, the odds are constantly updated based on the situation on the field. If you choose a full cash out, your entire stake will be wagered against the updated odds. The updated stake amount will be paid in full to your gaming account.

How Does Accumulator Cash Out Work?

If you’ve placed an accumulator or parlay bet, some casinos will offer you the cash out option. An accumulator bet means that multiple wagers are combined into a single one, which significantly increases the odds and, in turn, your potential winnings. If all single bets you’ve combined are available for cashout at a given moment, you can cash out your accumulator bet.

What Confirm Before Cash Out Means

Cashing out can salvage your losses, but it can also curb your potential winnings. If you bet on a winning horse, but decide to opt out before the end of the race, it’s easy to regret that decision afterwards. After all, the success of the cash out can be gauged only in hindsight.

Once you click the cash out button, there’s no way back. Your initial bet cannot be reversed if the game ends in your favour. That’s why most casinos will ask you to confirm your decision – they want to make sure it isn’t accidental.

Sports Betting Markets Where Cash Out is Available

Cashing out is a popular option with all kinds of sporting events, football being the most common one. If you already have a favourite betting market, just check whether your bookie offers the cash out feature. If not, you can look for another bookmaker that will allow you to settle your stake before the end of the game. However, terms & conditions (T&Cs) do apply, so not all individual events are available for cash out.


When it comes to betting in the UK, football is an all-time favourite. If you’re a punter who likes to wager on this sport, you’re in luck. Finding football betting sites with cash out should be an easy task, and chances are that your favourite bookie already allows this feature.

Horse Racing

Bettors who prefer horse racing can also benefit from this popular option. With cash out, you don’t have to wait for the end to settle your wager. If your horse takes off to a promising start, you can withdraw your winnings before the race unfolds.


If you enjoy betting on golf, the cashout option allows you to secure your winnings before the tournament ends. If you bet on a player who’s having a good run, but you want to collect your gain before a sudden change, most major bookies in the UK will allow that.


Cricket is another popular betting option for UK players, nowadays available with the cash out feature. If you place a win-only wager for a game of cricket, you can consider cashing out when the situation favours you or when the loss seems imminent.


Fans of boxing know that the conditions in the ring can change unexpectedly. That’s where the cash out feature comes in – you can choose to secure your bet before the tables have turned. Most major bookies whose offer includes boxing allow this popular feature.


If you’re passionate about other sports, such as tennis, rugby, or basketball, you can still use the cash out option on many popular betting sites. The dynamics of your favourite sport will determine the best moment to opt for cash out.


Cash out is an option that guarantees you won’t be left empty-handed no matter how the game unfolds. That said, its wide popularity doesn’t come as a surprise. However, we recommend using it with a cool head and avoiding emotional and arbitrary choices.

Using the cash-out option to your advantage requires you to follow the event in real time and make an instant, yet informed decision. Should you take your time to ponder over whether to cash out the stake, the odds will once again update. React swiftly, know your favourite sport, and enjoy the enhanced experience of live betting with cash out!

Cash Out Betting: FAQ

What is cash out in betting?

Cash out is a feature of online betting sites that allows you to settle your bet before the event ends. The bookmaker will update the odds based on the real-time situation and offer you a new amount for withdrawal. Even if your team is losing, you can still retain a certain part of your initial wager.

How does cash out work?

Cash out is available on your chosen website or app once the event starts. When you follow the game live, you can also follow the updated odds and the available cash out amount. If you wish to cash out, just click the corresponding button and confirm your decision.

How is cash out calculated?

The cash out amount is calculated by applying the updated odds to the bet you’ve placed. Bookies take into account your initial stake and your potential winnings, and offer you an amount you would get if you were to place the bet at that moment.

Why is cash out may be unavailable?

Not all bookmakers support cash out, hence why we recommend checking with your betting site before relying on this option. Also, sometimes bettors can`t cash out their bet even at bookmaker that provides this option. There are points in the game when crucial events unfold, so the cash out option will be temporarily suspended. For example, if a penalty is being checked by VAR, you’ll have to wait before you cash out.