What is RTP in Casino Games

RTP in Casino Games

If you are frequently spending time on casino sites and/or researching about them, you probably came across the abbreviation RTP. In short, RTP stands for Return to Player, a percentage (%) you’ll get back after spinning the slot.

This parameter is often taken as a key indicator of fairness, so gambling sites that offer games with high RTP% are regarded as player-friendly. Since RTP is very important for the player and determines his chances to win at a particular game, it’s highly recommended to become more acquainted with this concept and explore RTP values for casino games that you most commonly play. This article will explain the basics and recommend some games that have high RTP.

Understanding RTP

RTP (Return to Player) represents the amount of money the casino is giving back through its win mechanisms. To put it simply, games with high RTP% have more favourable winning odds, and they consequently represent better gambling propositions.

To calculate RTP% for a specific game, we should divide total amount of money invested by the players with total winnings, with the result multiplied by 100 to express it as a percentage. Thus, a game with an RTP of 97% keeps only 3% of the proceeds and returns everything else through various in-game prizes.

However, since all outcomes of a game are randomly determined, in the short term there could be a notable difference between theoretical and actual RTP. Over the long term, this difference is evened out. After approximately one million repetitions, the gap between theoretical and real RTP drops to less than 1%.

RTP in Different Casino Games

As we established before, RTP determines how much of an edge the house has over the player. In online casinos, this parameter is set by the game manufacturer who devised the win mechanisms within the game. Thus, it’s common for games hosted on the same website to have different RTP values. Slot games in particular have RTP percentages that fall in a wide range, typically between 93% and 98%, so it may be necessary to check the exact value for each title. Roulette has similar odds that vary from 94% to 97% depending on which rule set you play by. Card games like blackjack give the player the best chance to win, with RTP sometimes exceeding 99%.

Awareness of these values for each type of casino game is the foundation of a smart strategy. Players should spend more time and money contesting games with high RTP%, especially if they are partially skill-based. That way, it’s possible to nudge the probabilities to your side and consistently win money at a casino site.

The Best Online Slots with Highest RTP

Since with slots, there is a lot of variation in terms of RTP rates, we compiled a list of online slot games that give you the highest winning odds. Below are listed top 10 online games with the highest RTP available at UK casinos.

Rating Online Slot Game Developer RTP (%) Where to Play?
1 Blood Suckers NetEnt 98% PlayOJO
2 Star Mania NextGen Gaming 97.87% Casumo
3 Lucky Leprechaun Microgaming 97.72% MrQ
4 Medusa Megaways NextGen Gaming 97.63% LeoVegas
5 Guns N’ Roses NetEnt 96.98% Slotnite
6 Blood Suckers 2 NetEnt 96.94% Yako Casino
7 Jim Hendrix NetEnt 96.9% PlayOJO
8 Dead or Alive NetEnt 96.82% LeoVegas
9 Butterfly Staxx NetEnt 96.8% Simba Slots
10 Fruit Shop NetEnt 96.7% Cash Arcade

The Importance of RTP for Players

While RTP may sound very technical to novice players, it is one of the most essential indicators of the game’s fairness and attractiveness. As such, it carries great importance and is more insightful than reports of big payouts that you can commonly see on a casino site’s homepage. This value is unrelated to luck and determines long-term trends, so it becomes even more vital to learn it when you are choosing a game you want to commit to for a longer period.

Common Myths and Misunderstandings about RTP

RTP percentage is given for the game as a whole and is accurate on a large enough sample, but it doesn’t guarantee that each player will get that exact rate of return. Individual outcomes are driven by luck, so each player could fare differently while playing the same game. A game with a 99% RTP won’t necessarily return 99 pounds for every 100 spent – some players might win 200 while others could lose everything. RTP value merely reveals the odds and games of chance remain risky no matter how high the average returns may be.

RTP in Online vs. Land-Based Casinos

Speaking in general terms, online gambling establishments tend to offer much better odds than their land-based counterparts. This trend becomes clear when you take a look at typical RTP values in both types of casinos, as it’s common to get as much as 95% on the web while the returns in a traditional casino are usually in the 50-70% range. There are a couple of factors that account for the difference – online casinos have much lower overhead expenses but have to compete with dozens of similar sites, both of which motivate them to raise RTP values.

Regulation and Transparency of RTP

From all the above, it’s clear that accurate reporting of RTP values is essential for the players who are looking to select the most suitable casino games. Since the odds are fixed when the game is manufactured, gambling website operators are unable to change them, but they can transparently display the RTP percentage for each of the hosted games. At the same time, independent testing organisations and government regulators have a role in confirming those values and ensuring that no one is misrepresenting the risks involved.

RTP in Casino Games: FAQ

What does "Return to Player" mean at online casinos?

Return to Player is the amount of money that an online casino pays out through winnings, formulated as the percentage of the casino revenue. It’s widely understood to be one of the primary fairness metrics in online gambling.

How is the payout rate calculated in gambling games?

To get an exact RTP or payout rate, it’s necessary to divide the total amount of money players spent in a game during a certain period with the total amount of winnings paid out in the same period. Multiplying the rate with a factor of 100 gives the percentage value of RTP.

Can the payout percentage change over time?

Since RTP is built into a casino game and affects its win mechanics, it remains constant within the same game, unless the game is updated. On the other hand, the average payout percentage of a gambling website could change depending on which games are added.

Where to find games with high RTP?

You can choose casino with high paying games and check information about games` RTP on their sites. Some casinos may not provide this information directly, but you can easily locate it on the eCOGRA website.

Can I trust the RTP rate that I see on slot games?

If you are playing at reputable high payout casino that have valid licences from UKGC or another national regulator, you can generally trust that the presented RTP values are realistic. You can also cross-reference the values shown on the gambling site with third-party sources.