Online Casino Not Paying Out – What to Do?

Online Casino Not Paying Out

Online gambling is typically an activity that’s often associated with lots of fun, especially if luck is on your side. Nonetheless, in certain cases, players find themselves in situations where they can’t withdraw their winnings because the casino refuses to pay. While most gamblers are quick to dispute such issues, most of the time, there’s a valid explanation behind these occurrences.

In this article, you’ll find information on what to do if online casinos not paying out, which will help you deal with problems of such essence. Furthermore, we’ll describe some of the most common reasons why a gambling operator may not approve your withdrawal request.

Can an Online Casino Limit Withdrawals

Some new gamblers probably believe that online casino operators don’t have the right to reject withdrawals. However, that’s certainly not the case. There are many instances of a casino not paying out because a customer has violated the terms & conditions. Based on our practical experience, in most cases, players fail to get familiar with the mandatory requirements all users must follow.

This, unfortunately, can result in casinos refusing to pay out. To prevent the occurrence of such situations, it’s vital to conduct your own research by thoroughly reading the T&Cs of the respective brand. Additionally, you can also explore the rest of our analysis, as it provides valuable and useful information.

Why Online Casinos Refuse to Pay Out Your Winnings

There are various reasons why an online casino operator might refuse to pay out your winnings. While all brands have their specific terms & conditions, there are several factors that apply across all online casinos. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons why an operator may reject your withdrawal request. Please make sure you pay special attention to each of the paragraphs below.

Unmet Bonus Wagering Requirements

The first and most common reason for payout refusal is the failure to fulfil bonuses’ wagering requirements. Most casino promotions come with predefined turnover requirements. If you claim such a bonus and don’t meet its wagering requirement, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings.

Breach of the Terms & Conditions

Another possible reason why a casino might refuse to pay out your winnings is a breach of the company’s terms & conditions. Sometimes, whether voluntarily or by accident, gamblers violate one or more of the mandatory stipulations set by the casino. If this happens, it’s understandable that the operator will refuse to approve your payout request.

System Failures

Although online casinos use sophisticated technologies, it’s possible for the platform in question to crash, leading to certain problems, such as the inability to withdraw your money. Fortunately, such situations usually have a positive resolution. If everything’s okay with your withdrawal request, the operators usually pay out as soon as the respective team resolves the issue.

Problems with ID Verification

As you probably know, ID verification is mandatory at regulated online casinos. The completion of this process ensures that you’re of legal age and don’t use another person’s credentials. Therefore, if the respective department hasn’t approved your ID verification for any reason, the casino will refuse to pay out.

Problems with Payments

Lastly, your payment provider could also be responsible for a payout issue. Sometimes, everything’s in order on the casino operator’s side, and the withdrawal failure is related to the payment solution provider. In such cases, it’s best to reach out to the respective company.

Casino not Paying Out: What Can I Do?

If you ever encounter a withdrawal problem at the online casino where you’re registered, there are a few things you can do. First and foremost, ensure that you haven’t breached any of the T&Cs of the company. Also, make sure that you’ve fulfilled any active wagering requirements on your account.

However, if you’re not sure what the problem might be, it’s best to contact the casino’s customer support team. The agents will investigate your inquiry and transfer you to the respective department if necessary. In case you disagree with the operator’s decision and believe you should receive your payout, seeking help from the regulatory body overseeing the online casino is also an option.

Securing Online Casino Payouts: Tips

As you already know, being in a situation where you can’t receive your payout can be frustrating. Therefore, to help you avoid it, we’ll share a few helpful tips it’s advisable to follow whenever you engage in online gambling. Each piece of advice from our gambling experts is equally valuable, so please make sure you read every paragraph carefully.

Choose Only a UK-licensed site

Online casinos with a valid licence from the UK Gambling Commission guarantee safe and unproblematic gameplay. If you don’t violate the brand’s rules, it’s quite unlikely for the operator to refuse to pay out. For this reason, it’s best to join reputable casinos regulated by the legal gambling authority in the UK.

Read Casino Terms & Conditions

As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to get acquainted with every condition of the online casino you’re registered at. This will not only help you decide whether this brand is suitable for you, but you’ll also prevent potential withdrawal problems.

Verify Your Payment Method

Many casino operators require players to send pictures of their debit cards, as this strengthens the overall security of transactions. If you fail to complete this payment method verification procedure, the casino may refuse to approve your withdrawal request.

Make Sure KYC Procedure is Completed

To avoid potential payout problems, we advise you to complete the KYC procedure as soon as you register at a new online casino. It’s almost impossible to find trustworthy casinos without verification on withdrawal, as this process is mandatory.


Can you sue a casino for not paying out?

While most of the time there’s a valid reason why a casino refuses to payout, there are also exceptions. In such instances, as a player, you have the legal right to sue the casino operator in question, depending on its licence and regulator.

Why does an online casino hold my winnings?

There are many reasons why an online casino operator may prevent you from withdrawing your funds. These include but are not limited to unfulfilled wagering requirements, violation of the terms and conditions, and technical issues.

What is the normal withdrawal duration at UK casinos?

Our examination shows that there are many quick withdrawal casinos with payout durations of up to 24 hours. Certain methods like e-wallets, for example, guarantee instant payments. Payment departments usually approve debit card withdrawal requests in a couple of hours.

What steps should I take if a casino doesn't pay out money?

If your casino or bookie doesn’t pay out your winnings, you can contact the company’s customer support team. Explain your problem, and the customer support representative will assist you further.