Fees on Gambling Sites – An Overview

Transaction Fees on Gambling SItes

Many players expect to receive the full amount when they deposit money to a gambling website, but there is sometimes a fee deduction. While such fees are typically not very large and don’t exceed 2-3% of the transaction value, it’s important to be aware of this possibility. That way, you can avoid websites that impose very high fees for financial transactions and precisely calculate the amount of money that you want to send to your online account or withdraw from it.

In this article, we will try to explain why casino sites charge additional fees and rank some of the better-known online gambling brands based on their financial policies.

Types of Fees You Might Come Across on Gambling Sites

You might be charged a fee for several different things on your chosen casino site, so it’s important to keep track of all expenses. First, you need to differentiate between bank processing costs and fees levied by the website. The second group could include multiple types of fees that are triggered by specific actions. We will define several of the major types of fees found on gambling sites.

Withdrawal Fees

By definition, this type of fee applies only when you want to cash out your winnings. Websites can decide to charge for all withdrawals or to introduce a fee for transactions under a certain limit (i.e. GBP 30) only in order to cover the banking and administrative expenses. Withdrawal fees can be administered in two different ways.

Fixed-value Fees

This is a very simple arrangement where a fixed amount is charged for every eligible transaction. Players can easily get accustomed to this value and plan around it, knowing the fee won’t cost more than a certain value (i.e. 2.5 pounds or 1%). A few strategies to minimise costs with this kind of policy are to never withdraw too small amounts that are subject to a fee, or to wait longer before cashing out.

Percentage-based Withdrawal Fees

When the fee is calculated as a percentage of the withdrawn amount, it can escalate in case you have large winnings to transfer. On the other hand, players who win small sums can withdraw them with only minimal costs, since 2% of 20 pounds is far less than any fixed fee could be. The proportionality of this rule is fair, but on the other hand, the policy can be quite profitable for the website.

Payment Fees

On some casino websites, there are fees for using specific payment methods. This can occur with bank transfers, or with e-wallets like PayPal that charge the provider a fee for every transaction (between 1.9 and 3.5% at PayPal). Payment fees can pertain to both deposits and withdrawals with a chosen payment method, or just one type of transaction.

Currency Conversion Fees

This is a relatively common type of fee incurred when the player wants to exchange money on the casino site. The value of this fee usually isn’t huge and it can be either fixed or percentage-based. Conversion fees can be easily avoided if the player uses a currency that is natively accepted on the website.

Inactive Account Fees

Casino and sports betting providers want to keep their players engaged and reduce the number of inactive accounts. This motivates some of them to introduce a special fee for players who fail to log in for a certain period, such as 6 months or longer. This fee is charged the next time the player comes back and tries to make a financial transaction.

Other Transactional Fees

You can find instances of gambling sites asking players for many different types of fees associated with financial transactions, from fast withdrawal surcharges to additional costs related to withdrawing to a specific country. All fees of this kind must be listed in the official Terms & Conditions of the website.

Do Gambling Sites Impose Additional Fees for Fast Withdrawals?

The vast majority of fast withdrawal casinos allow players to cash out without having to pay anything. Of course, every rule has its exceptions so it may be possible to run into a site that wants a payment (usually not larger than £5) for speeding up the transactions. Even these rare fast withdrawal betting sites that ask for such a payment typically offer multiple options, so you can pick a payment channel that isn’t subject to a fee.

Fees at Gambling Sites with Quick Payouts

Our team surveyed the online market and collected information about fees at various gambling websites. We looked into the types of fees the site imposes, as well as the expected withdrawal times. We summed up the findings of our research in the following table, which covers more than two dozen different online gambling brands.

Site Withdrawal Times Withdrawal Fee Deposit Fee
Yako Casino Instant – 3 working days none none
PlayOJO Within One Day none none
Electric Spins Casino Instant – 2 days none none
Slotnite Casino Instant – 2 days none none
Barz Casino Instant – 5 days none none
Rise Casino Instant – 2 working days none none
LeoVegas Instant – 3 days none none
Zodiac Up to 48 hours none none
Wild West Wins Up to 72 hours £2.50 for Pay by Mobile £2.50
Simba Slots Instant – 5 days none none
Casumo 1 – 2 days none £3.00 for amounts less than £210
All British Casino Instant – 24 hours none none
Jackpot Village 1 to 3 working days none none
Aladdin Slots Up to 72 hours £2.50 for Pay by Mobile £2.50
Cash Arcade Up to 72 hours £2.50 for Pay by Mobile £2.50
Slots Animal Up to 72 hours £2.50 for Pay by Mobile £2.50
Captain Cooks 48 hours none none
Casimba 1 – 3 days none none

Strategies for Minimising Transaction Costs at Gambling Sites

UK players who venture to foreign gambling sites should be prepared to deal with fees. There are several ways to keep extra costs to a minimum without any detriment to your playing experience. Here are a few tried-and-true techniques for avoiding fees:

  • Read Terms & Conditions
  • Use GBP Currency Only
  • Use Fee-Free Payment Method

Key Takeaways for Our Readers

Some of the gambling websites you find on the web may enforce fees on some financial transactions. Such online platforms are relatively rare in the casino and bookmaking markets, but they do exist. Smaller websites registered outside of the UK may be particularly prone to asking for fees.

Knowing this, it’s prudent to learn the basics and be aware of the various types of fees, such as withdrawal fees, inactive account fees, currency conversion fees, etc. It’s also imperative to carefully study the Cashier section of the website where you want to play, consider different payment methods, and ascertain which actions expose you to additional costs. After that, you can make a well-informed decision and only pay fees if it suits your grand strategy.

Transaction Fees – FAQ

Why do casinos impose fees?

There are several reasons why an online casino may charge fees. In some cases, this serves to offset the cost of processing small transactions under £10 or using specific banking channels. It could also be a way to turn a larger profit, especially when percentage-based fees are imposed on withdrawals.

Do gambling sites charge players for deposits?

Fees on deposits are much less common than on withdrawals simply because it’s in the website’s best interest to stimulate frequent deposits. Still, on rare occasions, you might run into a website that requires you to pay a fee to put money into your account, usually only through specific banking channels.

Are there any additional charges for instant payouts?

Again, a majority of gambling operators support fast withdrawals without any extra charges. However, you need to consider whether the financial service provider you are using (i.e. PayPal or a crypto wallet) has some processing fees in place. In some situations, it may be wiser to use a slower but cheaper method.

What is the best payment option to receive my winnings without extra costs?

Traditional debit cards like Visa or Mastercard are possibly the safest and most affordable ways of transferring money out of your gambling site account. Many people prefer to use eWallets like Skrill or AstroPay instead since these digital channels are even faster than bank cards.

Do withdrawal times at gambling operators impact fees?

Usually, these two things are not correlated on gambling websites. The main factor impacting casino withdrawal times is the choice of a payment method, and those that are faster don’t necessarily cost more. However, some gambling operators might introduce fees for fast withdrawals.