About Us

After gambling online in Britain for years, we know that all the excitement from winning can be brought down quickly by poor withdrawal procedure. This is why, one day, our group decided to research all British casinos and measure the speed of withdrawals in each!

We anxiously analyse payment options, times, terms, and restrictions, as well as the customer experience. We don’t just “talk the talk” but base our findings on direct experience to offer quickest withdrawals for our readers. Online casinos are, however, much more than withdrawals. So we always test casino platforms thoroughly. It ensures that nothing is left aside and gives you vital information before depositing.

Our Mission

A player wins and wants to retrieve their money. This is why our mission is objective is simple: Finding you the best casino sites where you can withdraw your winnings fast & easy.

That said, what we do isn’t simple at all. We make in-depth analyses of each site’s features, look at data, and ensure you have all the info you need. For this, we take specific criteria approved by all gamblers in our casino team.

Our Evaluation Criteria

Even though the overall experience is key in determining whether a casino platform has optimal withdrawal policies and features, it can be biased. This is why we consider specific points when evaluating the best casino sites, including game selection, bonuses, withdrawal times, etc. You’ll find an overview of each crucial item below.

Game Selection

First, you won’t withdraw any winnings if you don’t find enticing games to play. Online casinos should offer a wide variety of games, including slots, card games, and roulette, in both RNG and live iterations. All games should be fair and safe, coming from reputable providers. They should offer a reasonable chance of winning and be fun, entertaining experiences.

Withdrawal Methods

From traditional players to more technically-minded ones, we all want to feel comfortable when withdrawing. That’s why we check that there are enough payment methods to cater to each player’s preferences. Ideally, there should be a basket of card, bank, e-wallet and cryptocurrency withdrawal methods.

Withdrawal Time

Another critical consideration is how long it takes to put the money in your pockets. This is a real downer when it comes to winning. The thrill can soon dissipate as you check you need to wait a long time before the prize materialises. Waiting times should therefore be minimal.

Software Providers

A must-have consideration when it comes to games is providers. We take special care in finding out who each one is, their credentials, and what kind of studio they are. Do they specialise in niche games? Are they experts at certain features, such as branded content? And above all, we check if they’re licensed, and if the games are safe.

Software Providers

A must-have consideration when it comes to games is providers. We take special care in finding out who each one is, their credentials, and what kind of studio they are. Do they specialise in niche games? Are they experts at certain features, such as branded content? And above all, we check if they’re licensed, and if the games are safe.

Bonuses & Promotions

The main booster to join a casino is bonuses. However, few read the fine print. We check every bonus carefully, including the terms & conditions, to determine if they’re good offerings or just a marketing ploy to lure unsuspecting players. This is critical since getting a bonus can sometimes be more than you bargained for.

Unique Features

Sometimes casino platforms look like clones of each other. Yet, once in a while, there’s a smart team behind them offering a unique feel, joined with extra features not found elsewhere. We check how original each casino is and whether this originality offers something noteworthy for the player. We don’t consider bland or superfluous features as recommendable.

Customer Support

You might know about the importance of the player’s support from experience since, as the refrain says, everything is fine until it isn’t. We take special care in discovering everything the support team offers, including contact channels, availability, languages, etc. We also test them to find out how proficient and helpful they are, the waiting times and much more.

Our Review Process

Now that you know the critical aspects we check, let’s go into detail about how we do it. As you’ll see below, it’s a logical process that leaves nothing behind. By checking this, you’ll understand why such casinos are good choices, and it’ll also be a valuable tool to incorporate when you assess online platforms on your own.

1. Selection of Casinos

The first step is understanding our target. We only choose UK-based casinos with a proper British licence, such as the ones granted by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). It ensures that casinos offer fair games, is trustworthy and comply with all requirements to offer a proper experience to customers.

2. Registration Process and Testing

After finding a suitable casino, we’re becoming the members. Yes, all of us. We check whether the registration process is straightforward and doesn’t ask for more personal information than necessary. We test the platform with desktop, mobile browsers and apps if available. We assess how the site works and if it’s comfortable for players.

3. Considering Our Criteria

After this initial experience, we go through the points explained before in a systematic way. We ensure there aren’t any issues and check salient features that might set a platform above the others. We proceed with the next steps only if the site passes our strict checks and there are no extra issues.

4. Check Players’ Feedback

The casino’s reputation can tell you a lot about the inner workings of such platforms. One of the top ways to analyse it is via online reviews and user feedback. It gives a panoramic view of the casino’s features and issues. But we also delve into the individual experiences that might bring additional details.

5. Regular Reviews Updating

Things change, and so do online casinos. A certain feature might be gone while unfavourable issues crop up. This is why we’re always vigilant and regularly update our reviews, modifying them if necessary. This way, we can guarantee you that all the information is up-to-date, which is important for good and not-so-good developments.

Reasons to Trust Us

We want to offer you a truthful, reputable outlet for expert casino reviews. This is why we highlight only the best of the best and take for granted that you’ll have a good experience with these platforms. Because we want to be your source of secure information, we have three pillars that form the basis of our work.

Only Reputable & UK Licensed iGaming Brands

As mentioned, we only work with reputable UK casinos that are properly licensed. This ensures that:

  1. Our reviewed casinos are actually available in the UK instead of elsewhere
  2. Because of the licence, they’ll be held accountable for any issues you might face.
  3. Their reputation precedes them, so you won’t find any obscure, difficult-to-assess platform on the agenda.

Experience and Expertise

We work with top talent in the industry. Our gambling group has long-standing experience analysing gambling sites, performing tests and research, and developing criteria to check for issues. Because of this, we rest assured that each point we described before is worth considering, and everything is tested to its maximum extent.

We Check Real Players’ Feedback and Trust Your Opinion

People’s opinions matter to us even more than ours. If you consider something to be good or bad, it’ll be trusted and used for our reviews. This is why we pay special care to what the real users think about a casino or a bookie, aside from our testing sessions, and you’ll find it reflected in our reviews.


Does fastwithdrawalcasino.org review only UK-licensed gambling sites?

Yes. By focusing on the UK market exclusively, we can be very cohesive in our approach. We believe in the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Other regions might have different preferences, regulations and concepts, so our protocols might not apply. This way, we ensure the best, most precise information for every UK player.

What is the main mission of your site?

We want to provide gamblers with top casino sites with the best withdrawal policies around. Our unique perspective lets you easily check whether a site works for you. If a casino is excellent in terms of games and bonuses but has complicated withdrawal procedures, it might not be the best one for you.

Do you give only up-to-date information?

Yes. We monitor every casino site to check for discrepancies in their practices and our reviews. Whenever they develop new policies or features or new issues arise, we go through our protocols again and update the information. This is important because casinos often have new offerings and procedures that might impact withdrawals somehow.